Deemed Savings And EULs

meterWhat are Deemed Savings?

Deemed Savings are pre-determined, validated estimates of energy and peak demand savings attributable to energy efficiency measures in a particular type of application.  An electric utility may use these estimates instead of energy and peak demand savings estimated through measurement and verification (M&V) activities.

Deemed Savings

Deemed savings values for Texas are housed in the statewide Technical Resource Manual (TRM). The development and maintenance of the TRM is one of the primary objectives of the Public Utility Commission of Texas’ (PUCT) Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V) contractor.

TRM Climate Zones by County

TMY3 Hourly Weather Data by Climate Zone

TX TRM version 10.0 – PY 2023

TX TRM version 9.0 – PY 2022

TX TRM version 8.0 – PY2021

TX TRM version 7.0 – PY2020

TX TRM version 6.0 – PY2019

TX TRM version 5.0 – PY2018

TX TRM version 4.0 – PY2017

What are EULs?

EUL stands for the "Estimated Useful Life" of an energy efficiency measure.  As defined in EUMMOT's petition to revise existing estimated useful life values (PUC docket number 36779), an EUL is the number of years until 50 percent of installed measures are still operable and providing savings, and is used interchangeably with the term "measure life."  The EUL determines the period of time over which the benefits of the energy efficiency measure are expected to accrue.  The net present value of the benefits is used to determine whether the measure is cost-effective under the PUC's definition of cost-effectiveness and to help determine the appropriate incentive level to be paid to project sponsors. EULs for each deemed measure are provided in the TRM.


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